MF tractor drives barbeque business to success

MF tractors can be found in the most unusual places doing the most unusual jobs!

Inspired by a trip to the United States where they fell in love with the taste of traditional American smoked barbeque served from a food trailer, a South African family has set up its own roadside barbeque business back home. The trailer is pulled to and from its retail site by their MF 480 tractor.

JD’s Barbeque, founded by the Fritz family, is now wowing customers in Boksburg, near Johannesburg who are keen to enjoy the classic American smoky barbeque experience.

“We couldn’t find anything like this near us at home, so we decided to buy our own food truck,” says Johan Fritz who established JD’s with his wife Laurette and stepson Oliver. Johann is a big fan of Massey Ferguson products and originally bought the 130hp MF 480 tractor to launch his fishing boat off the sands at Sodwana Bay. With the new barbeque business under development, the tractor was redeployed to provide the pulling power for the trailer.

JD’s Barbeque is located on one of Boksburg busiest streets on the corner of Northrand Road and Trichard Road. Johan, Laurette and Oliver all work for the business and they also have three full-time employees on site.

Authentic American barbeque food is cooked low and slow over smoke to give it its incredible flavour. Among the mouth-watering choices on JD’s menu are Louisiana Maple Ribs, Atlanta Pulled Pork and Lone Star Brisket.

“It’s great to see such an innovative use of an MF tractor,” says Craig Correia, Customer Service Manager - Africa at AGCO, Massey Ferguson’s parent company, who spotted the trailer on his way to work at the company’s offices in Johannesburg. “And I can really recommend the ribs!”